Mason having a giggle at Marleigh


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone!!!!

Today is a special day because we are so lucky to have so many special people in our life.
We get to celebrate Daddy, Papa and Pop Pop today. They are all very important to us and we appreciate everything they do.

I have to say I am a very lucky lady to have a father as wonderful as mine. He is not just my dad but my best friend. I know that I can count on him through anything. He remains strong even when facing challenging times. I look to my dad for the strength I need and patience I need during these days. He has always shown an unconditional love for me that I can only hope to give my children. You have taught me so much as a parent and I only hope I make you proud.
Thank you for everything you do as a daddy and a Papa.
We love you very much!!!

Thank you daddy for being so good to us.
We love you very much and appreciate everything you do.

Mason and Daddy.

Marleigh loves her Papa.

Marleigh and her Papa

Papa and Mason going for a ride.

Thank you Pop Pop for everything you do.
We are so excited about the new house and cannot wait to play at the farm.
Pop Pop you work so hard and we appreciate and love you so much.

Thanks Uncle Matt for being the best. You the best uncle ever!!
Thank you for always being there when we need you.
I admire you so much for what you do. We love you very much.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Mason Alexander

Today is your special day. Happy 1st birthday!!!

As I sit and think about the past year I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are truly a blessing to me, my little prince charming. I was so excited the day I found out about you and my love is more than you will ever know. You and Marleigh are my dream come true.

I look back at the day you were born and remember how excited I was to see your sweet face. You came into this world wide eyed and I took one look and I was in love. You are such a sweet boy with such a strong personality. I have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow and change. You are my little charmer. There are days I do not feel like myself but it just takes that sweet smile to remind me I am still me. Thank you for being that push I need to get through the day and remind me of life's blessings.

My birthday wish for you is peace and happiness in everyday. I love you so much.

Welcome to the world Mason Alexander!!

Sweet kisses from big sister.

That big smile.

Even bigger!!!

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Celebrating Marleigh's 2nd Birthday

We started the big day with a birthday muffin.

Marleigh loves muffins.

Make a wish sweet baby!!!!

Look at these sweet girls.

Thanks Daddy for decorating my cake.

Yum Yum!!!!

Look at me and my belly!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to share her special day.
Love to all

Friday, May 8, 2009

We made it!!!!

We made it to the beach and we are so excited to be here. The weather is beautiful and we are enjoying the sunshine. Marleigh and Mason loved the pool and we are headed to the beach this morning.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Marleigh

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl.

It is hard to believe you are two years old today. The time has gone by so fast and you have changed so much. I am so blessed to be your momma and you amaze me in every way. I celebrate sweet and precious memories of today thinking about when you came into this world. It was a perfect day. Your daddy and I were so excited to finally see your sweet face. We have watched you grow and become such a unique little person. Thank you for making me a better person.

There are so many things to love about you and just to name a few....

Your beautiful spirit. It brings me strength to make through rough days.

Your gorgeous smile that lights up my world.

Your laughter is the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

Your stubborn little personality.

Your hugs and kisses sooth my soul.

You are my fair skinned blue eyed beauty and I am so thankful I have you.

Marleigh and Daddy holding hands for the first time.

Sweet cheeks during her first year.

Celebrating her 1st birthday!!

My sweet Marleigh today.

Happy Birthday Marleigh Reece. We love you so much.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have a few pictures to share from the storm that happened on Friday. Everyone who knows me knows that I am terrified of storms and take them very seriously. Missy and Matt came to get me and Marleigh to go to Vanderbilt for a stupid shot. I tried to encourage Missy to wait but she was more concerned with Matt being hungry as always. When we left we ran right into the tornado. We drove away from the storm and ended up at Hardees's were I frantically called home to warn Mark and Haley. I had left Mason at home so you can imagine my feelings. I did finally talk with them and they were safe.
The tornado had come right through our neighborhood. We were very lucky that everyone was safe. We did lose some beautiful trees and the house and cars had some damage. It could have been much worse than it was. I am just thankful that we are safe. We can always replant trees and buy new cars.
Thank you to the many people who have come to volunteer there time to help clean up this mess. It is amazing how many people just came by to ask what can I do?

Look at my brave boys.....

This is on the right side of the house.

Poor cars.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dirty Laundry

It is amazing what things entertain my children. Mark put them in the laundry basket and they loved it. We buy them so many toys and they find the strangest things to play with.